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Bandermann Mp3

08-I Never Gave Her Roses.mp3 2.703.06.12 13:44:15Lothar Bandermann Mp3I Never Gave Her Roses Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie, Mark, and Lothar0:02:50128S44
03-Always Together.mp3 2.403.06.12 13:45:37Lothar Bandermann Mp3Always Together Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie and Lothar0:02:36128S44
07-Prayer For A New Heart.mp3 1.703.06.12 13:44:40Lothar Bandermann Mp3Prayer For A New Heart Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie and Irina0:01:50128S44
08-Have Mercy On Me (SSA).mp3 3.903.06.12 13:45:01Lothar Bandermann Mp3Have Mercy On Me (SSA) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:04:04128S44
10-Panis Angelicus (SATB).mp3 2.703.06.12 13:45:09Lothar Bandermann Mp3Panis Angelicus (SATB) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:02:49128S44
01-23rd Psalm (SSA And Baritone Solo 5.903.06.12 13:44:38Lothar Bandermann Mp323rd Psalm (SSA and baritone s Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:06:14128S44
11-Praise God From Whom... (SATB).mp 13:45:03Lothar Bandermann Mp3Praise God From Whom... (SATB) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:01:08128S44
05-Gebet (Prayer) (SSA).mp3 1.703.06.12 13:45:15Lothar Bandermann Mp3Gebet (Prayer) (SSA) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:01:46128S44
13-Sam's Away, Ah!.mp3 13:44:22Lothar Bandermann Mp3Sam's Away, Ah! Mp3Going Home Mp3Irina0:02:11128S44
12-Praise Ye The Lord! (SATB).mp3 2.603.06.12 13:45:13Lothar Bandermann Mp3Praise Ye The Lord! (SATB) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:02:42128S44
09-Let Me So Die.mp3 13:44:47Lothar Bandermann Mp3Let Me So Die Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie and Irina0:03:09128S44
04-Come, Follow Me (SSA And Soprano 3.303.06.12 13:44:31Lothar Bandermann Mp3Come, Follow Me (SSA and sopra Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:03:31128S44
12-Hopalong.mp3 1.603.06.12 13:45:30Lothar Bandermann Mp3Hopalong Mp3Going Home Mp3Irina0:01:40128S44
14-Requiem Aeternum (SSA And Soprano 5.403.06.12 13:45:22Lothar Bandermann Mp3Requiem Aeternum (SSA and sopr Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:05:39128S44
19-You, Lord, Are My Sheperd SA Chil 2.703.06.12 13:44:43Lothar Bandermann Mp3You, Lord, Are My Sheperd SA c Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:02:54128S44
02-Treasure All The Things.mp3 13:45:33Lothar Bandermann Mp3Treasure All The Things Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie and Lothar0:03:09128S44
13-Prayer (SAB Trio).mp3 13:45:42Lothar Bandermann Mp3Prayer (SAB trio) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:03:14128S44
18-Three Happy Songs (SSA).mp3 4.403.06.12 13:44:53Lothar Bandermann Mp3Three Happy Songs (SSA) Mp3Alleluja! Selected Choral Works Mp30:04:39128S44
10-Lord, Hear Our Prayer.mp3 4.303.06.12 13:45:26Lothar Bandermann Mp3Lord, Hear Our Prayer Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie and Irina0:04:31128S44
05-Always Together (duet).mp3 2.903.06.12 13:44:24Lothar Bandermann Mp3Always Together (duet) Mp3Going Home Mp3Bunchie, Mark, and Lothar0:03:05128S44

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